The Gold Coast

Author: Nelson Demille
Type: aBook
Date Released: 0000
Format: mp3
Language: English
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The upmarket and salubrious area of Long Island is the stamping ground for a dying breed of America's super-rich. It is also the residence of John Sutter, lawyer - very top-drawer, old money, right clubs - and his sensual wife, Susan. Their lives are about to be turned dramatically upside down by their new 'next-door' neighbour - a certain Mr Frank Bellarosa, top Mafia don and master manipulator. It is he who will impress upon them a rule much older than the archaic etiquette of the old-money set: a favour accepted is a favour owed. A modern classic, this stylish, compelling and provocative novel will grip you, shake you, challenge you; but above all it will enthrall you.

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