Killing Rommel

Author: Steven Pressfield
Type: aBook
Date Released: 0000
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Language: English
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Autumn 1942. Hitler's legions have swept across Europe, France has fallen, Churchill and the English stand isolated on their island. In North Africa, Rommel and his Panzers have routed the British Eighth Army and stand poised to overrun Egypt, Suez, and the oil fields of the Middle East. With the outcome of the war hanging in the balance, the British hatch a desperate plan: send a small, highly mobile, and heavily armed force behind German lines to strike the blow that will stop the Afrika Korps in its tracks. Steven Pressfield brings to life the flair, agility, and daring of this extraordinary historical commando unit, the Long Range Desert Group. He describes in detail the tactics, weaponry, and specialized skills needed for combat under extreme desert conditions. He captures, too, the camaraderie of this "band of brothers" as they perform the acts of courage and cunning crucial to the Allies' victory in North Africa. As in his acclaimed earlier novels, Pressfield combines historical accuracy and edge-of-your-seat battle scenes to create riveting fiction.

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